Sunday, February 20, 2005


And today again, we been to toronto. Watched movie called "BLACK". Any weak person should have cried all through. Great story, great actors and acting, and great direction. Best part - no singing and dancing around the trees. So, its been like we've seen some good number of good movies after a stint of good number bad ones.
It was snowing when we were on the highway. The wind and snow taking us head on. Cool sight. Whats cooler is what I call drive way hipnosis. There's a layer of snow on the road, so it dosen't look like we are going any where because theres nothing ahead of thats moving. Ya, except the snow thats hitting us. Its like driving the car on a tread mill at 100kmph with snow flakes pumped against you. Blame the car, it dosent shake a little but theres the hum of the engine. The harder you concentrate, more hypnotic you get. I never had hash, but probably it would feel equally good.


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