Friday, May 26, 2006


Fateful? Yes, for the car. Altough 2 back seat passengers had minor injuries - one with a bleeding nose and other with a deep little cut in the finger. The driver and the front seat passengers had seat belts on and didnt budge after the crash. We dropped off a friend at the airport and were returning when the diver asked if he could try a hand on the highway. It had snowed nicely and made the road soft. With speeds reaching 100 kmph when it should've been 80 or 90. The car had stated to get off the road on to the shoulder. In the process of getting back on track, the car swirled to right a little too much and back to left a little more to get on track which was when it hit the railing at 100 kmph. The car stood in the reverse direction when all was over. Cool eh? None seriously injured. Apparently, the air bags didnt come off even after a head on collision.
We drove to some gas station on country road off 401 and reached this gas station shown. This gas station turned out to be in port hope that falls on the highway. Thats when the cops were called and car was towed away. We had to wait 2 hrs for out friends to pick us up.


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