Saturday, February 26, 2005

Adventures to Niagara

One more trip to the Niagara. Left B'ville at around 11:30. Thats pretty late for a 3hrs drive. We had 2 large vehicles. One missed the other right in the beginning when taking a stop for gas. The other got off the highway to take the gas break. Now, I always thought the other car always was ahead of me but actually was behind. I looked for all red coulored caravans if it belonged to our group. Never found.
This car had an adventure when thier tyre was punctured on the highway, they had to stop right on the shoulder coz, the car was swaying. First, they waved hands to stop a vehicle so they could use their phone. Called up a garage to fix the tyre. No use. They stopped another car so they could call the rental company for help. They did call, but gave the wrong location for help. Even if the rental company's help turned up, they would have gone to the wrong spot, found there was no car, and returned.
The only option left was to fix the tyre themselves. They had spent like 3 hrs by that time. To change the tyre, they need to find the spare (stepni??). This wasnt easy to locate because we dont own the car. This spare tyre called the donut wheel (called so because it is smaller than the other tyres and is used only to get to nearest help spot) was located under the chasse under the driver's seat. It is not possible to get under the car to pull the tyre out. Now, they had to find how to remove the tyre. One of my friends ripped open all the floor mattress in the drivers seat and found a little screw. When unscrewed, slowly dropped the tyre to the ground. Another friend found a jack in the car (call this serendipity). Ultimatley, they fixed the wheel, had lunch and came back to b'ville.


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