Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nigeria fisaco: part 2: Continuation of mail

On 3/16/07, willy james wrote:
Hello thanks for the mail.I want the $1050 sent today to the furniture man,The western union charge fee will be deducted out of the $1050 sent and the balance will be written on the western union receipt given to you.I want you to send me the informations below after sending the funds today with the scan copy of the receipt .
I want you to know sending the package on sunday will be delayed and i dont want that to happen.i want the package sent todayLetme have the DHL shipping tracking number so the receiver will have it by monday ,the show is starting by wednesday,i want them to have the Nikon so that they will use it for some otherthings before the program will start on wednesday. i dont want any delay from you.

We await the following information or scan the reciept given to you at the western union store.1. Sender's name and address:2. MTCN#: 3. Total Amount sent:4.Text Question and Answer

Hope to hear back from you.

Williams .J.


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