Friday, December 29, 2006

11:27pm, Fri, 29/12/06.
watching the 3rd movie of the day. Certainly becoming a boom box addict. I should stop watching TV now. Just ost 25$ trying and registering with a fake movie site. Shit. And bought a D50 while I intended to but a D70. Altough cheaper, and contains pretty much the same features, a D70 would have been excallant. And my fish eyed lens or PCI arch book havent reached me yet. It has been about 2 weeks now. Looks like I'm loosing my money and patience. I also got a 2GB pen drive but now want to buy a 1GB MP3 player for double the cost.

2 days to 07. No resolutions to be made for the new year. It goes with out saying that I should resolve to stop investing in insecure places. However luring and glamorous it may seem. All that glitters is certainly not gold.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

war of the worlds

I wanted to watch Spielberg's War of the worlds. I did yesterday but was quite disappointed. The movie has all these aliens who land on earth for no apparent reason other than drinking blood. The main characters contain 3 psychos, Tom, who is a bad father, the son, who is just trying to run away. The daughter who keeps screaming in high frequency to break a mirror at the slightest hint of danger. All three keep running around escaping a 30ft alien tripod, in which they are pretty successful at (because they get to live). And in middle of all this there is tim robbins who is another psycho. In the end, its all over because the aliens die by themselves because earth's air and water arent suitable for the aleins (like it is for humans). With technology years ahead of humans, they would not infer that but just go on to kill as many humans as possible.
They should've asked the humans if the air and water are good for the humans.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Consider this.
Life and after life are represented in different domains. Where as practical life can be explained in x,y,z,t, death and whatever is after that should be explained in something else similar to the x,y,z and t. There should be very little interface between the domains of life and that of after life.
Now if God is worshipped on this part of life while Satan is not but is more associated with death (in eventuality atleast), it could exactly be the other way on the other side. Satan could be very well be worshipped on the other side. Like mirror images that translate from time and space to something equivalent. (I've no idea what that can be).

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Truth!

Most of the blogs here are on trips and photos and other materialistic things. That was not the only reason this blog was started. I have gone through many blogs where people write about what they feel. The truth. Something that happens. Not necessarily who murdered who and who was tried. I want to do exactly that here. Somehow, we tend to write all that here so some stranger who you've never met can read this and feel absolutely nothing instead of talking to the person right next you who you've known for the last n years. Strange. I've tried hard to understand this, and justify, in vain.

Friday, December 01, 2006

And eventually, we got internet at home. And (digital) cable. So here I am writing this piece while watching Aeon Flux on cable. Beutiful Charlize.
See how the digital age is screwing us? Only a iPod plugged into my ears is the only missing piece. And we could have something digital that connects with the tongue and nostrills that'll provide pleasure of some sort.
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